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Lisa Shtormit (Rommé) is an artist, curator and researcher. Founder of the First audio art school and AS Agency. Lecturer and integrator of interdisciplinary education since 2011.

Lisa Rommé (Shtormit) was born in Moscow, Russia. She got her basic art education at Art School and proceeded her education at Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) graduated project designer of animation films in 2011. Also Lisa continued her education at Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA Moscow) and at the Higher School of Economics, Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and L’École nationale d’art (ENDA Paris). Now she is working on her research "The invisible art and the practice of institutionalism". Lisa works with perception, memory and feelings themes. She creates olfactory and interactive installations,  does research on chemistry and psychology of perception. Her main discourse is institutional criticism. 


"My part-time job as a creative thinking teacher also helps me to soak the freshness of the kid’s view on the world. This leads me to not taking anything too serious, seeing the world's funny face and being open to exploring reality as much as I can. In my art I often want to make viewers interact with my artwork, and oppose the classic museum attitude of «don’t touch, don’t come close». I allow the viewer to touch, to smell, to manipulate artwork and so on."​

Participated in more than 130 exhibitions.

Since 2021 member of  art union 100 ECS Paris.

Since 2012 member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

Exhibitions: Tretyakov Gallery, MMAM, Winzavod, Art-Play, Flacon, Fabrica, Manege, CAH, Sidur museum, State Literary Museum, Total Art Gallery, Cite des arts Paris, ACME London.

since 2016 work in the collection of the State Literary Museum, Moscow


Invisible art is more than just art for me. I take art as a place for total immersion.

"temple of Saturnus" 
59 Rivoli, Paris, France, exhibition 2022
ReBonkers, Varna, Bulgaria, exhibition 2023


London ACME 
exhibition 2021

"family values" 
Moscow Blazar art fair
exhibition 2017/2020

Moscow Winzavod
perfomance 2019