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Olfactory and interactive objects.


The exhibition-research is an interactive space of two halls.

The first hall was with art objects. The audience got into a room filled with wooden boxes hanging on the wall. On the door of the box ( draw) depicted "meaning" of the Jewish surnames in form of rebus or family history. Viewers can be try to guess what the names are encrypted in the image. Opening the doors of the box, viewers find a «trove» with family values.


Inside the box i wrote texts by hand and this texts to reveal the secret of surnames. 

For each box I made a special aroma-composition. 


In the second hall was an audio-installations with audio records of project participants about their families and their surnames.

The audience happily played the game  «guess the last name», shared their thoughts, ideas and even argued.


Grant. CAF and JUF of New York. 2018, Moscow.


Material: Wood, acrylic, found objects.

Size: 5х12х15 cm

Smell – damp, bakery, garden, sandal, soap, medicine.




Blazar art-fair, 2020. Moscow.

On-line auction BORSH gallery. 2019. 

Winzavod, Moscow, 2019. Moscow.

Proun gallery, Moscow, 2019. Moscow.

Nest gallery, Moscow, 2018. Moscow.













Project partner:


WINZAVOD contemporary art center, Moscow.

Founded in 2007 by Sofia and Roman Trotsenko, Winzavod is one of the first and biggest private contemporary art centers in Russia. Winzavod supports Russia’s contemporary art by uniting all areas of culture in one space that is open to public and creating a comfortable environment for its development.

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