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Olfactory perfomance.


«… In the railway station area the artist of the project "Open studios" Lisa Shtormit through science and art changes the usual city smells. As part of the project "Open studios" Lisa started working in the direction of Science Art. Together with the Laboratory of Olfactory and Chemical Research, she was engaged in the study of odor points in Moscow.  It turned out that there are more than 100 places in the capital with a disgusting and unbearable smell. In the near future, the Laboratory will publish an interactive map with the results of the study. The data will be updated every month. 


After analyzing the situation, Lisa took the liberty to change the indicators. The artist works with the familiar territory of Kursk railway station. It causes the flavors on the wall, spraying her essence until fully absorbed. Resistance of such odors is not more than 2 hours. The first olfactory action Shtormit "Diffusio" was held at the address: Kurskay railway station…»

Material: Plastic, perfumed water.

Size: 5 liters

Smell – vanilla, cinnamon


Winzavod. Moscow.



Project partner:

WINZAVOD contemporary art center, Moscow.

Founded in 2007 by Sofia and Roman Trotsenko, Winzavod is one of the first and biggest private contemporary art centers in Russia. Winzavod supports Russia’s contemporary art by uniting all areas of culture in one space that is open to public and creating a comfortable environment for its development.

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