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Le temple de Saturnus

Temple of Saturnus  (olfactory and immersive installation)


Saturn (lat. Saturnus) is one of the most ancient Roman gods, whose cult was one of the most widespread in Italy. It corresponds to the Greek Cronus, the god of time and agriculture, who, according to a mythological story, devoured his children. 


A separate space in the immersion installation is a fantasy Aditon for the Oracle, (the inner temple room, access to which was previously forbidden to mere mortals). The Aditon is recreated according to descriptions from ancient texts for individual incense incense and is intended for the interpretation of prophecies. Therefore, it is better to have a seance to visiting Saturn individually, as it was in the pre-modern era.


The olfactory fantasy object reproduces in miniature the Temple of Saturn in Rome on the hill of the Capitol. The shape of the antique 19th-century French wall clock, in basic outline resembles the facade of an ancient Greek and ancient Roman temple and includes: Stereobate, Doric Columns, Entablature, and Pediment.


The symbolic language of color has astrological implications. Thus, the black color of the clock is a symbol of Saturn , the color of restrictions, not manifestation, submissiveness, passivity, the color of the outside world, covering all the colors in the night. The red color represents blood from the eating of human flesh of their children and fire for the ritual fire. 


The Greeks associated scents with the gods. Thus, each god had his own unique fragrance. Scents were brought as gifts to the gods in the form of fragrant wreaths. 

Olfactory object for immersive installation.

Especially for @59rivoli (Paris, France) for the exhibition in @rebonkers.varna (Varna, Bulgaria).


Materials - wood, acrylic, velvet,  neon. 

16x43x55 cm

Parfum - incense, myrrh,.styrax etc. 

2023, Paris


The olfactory composition is designed with the humidity of the space in mind and includes a basic blend of incense, an incense mixture by Irina Nesa 


At different times Varna was part of Macedonia and the Great Roman Empire, allowing us to imagine what a temple of worship to Kronos or Saturn might have looked like more than two thousand years ago.


Please enter the installation one at a time and be quiet so as not to disturb Saturn.



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