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work experience


2019/20 curator of Slava Polunin exhibition for Museum of Moscow (Paris  Le Moulin Jaune)


2019 - chief curator of the State Museum - Cultural Center "Integration" named after N.A. Ostrovsky, Moscow

2018 - curator and concept developer project of sculpture galleries for Cube Space, Moscow

2016/17 - curator of the Total Art gallery, Moscow

2013/18 Producer of the project "Museum in cube. Daniil Harms Museum".


Cartoons: «Argentine lullaby», «Аll is vanity», «The book MALGIL»

Theatre play:  «Alice behind the screen» , «Symptom Opera», «Battle with meanings», «My FeFe», theatre  of Russian songs 

Big cartoon festival art director  2011, 2012, 2014

Public talks

2021 - "Artist studio visit. What does art smell?" Interview by Elena Zaitseva, curator, Ph.D. in art history, curator of the Pushkin House in London, organized by the MOCT Arts Foundation, London.

2021 - guest speaker at "Knafaim Week!",  organized by the Knafaim Community, Moscow.

2021 - speaker of three webinars. "How to realize your potential in the West/East, get into art-residences, study in Europe, about prices and galleries".

2021 - speaker of four copyright webinars for artists and photographers.

2020 - Public Talk in the framework of the program "International Strategies in the Art Business" at the Moscow School of Contemporary Art, Curators of MSCA, Director of the ISCP Art Residency in New York Susan Hapgood, Director of the ACME Art Residency in London Paul Bailey.

2020 - speaker. Online conversations about art a-s-t-r-a + people. Art residencies and strategies for the development of an artist's career. Organized by A-S-T-R-A Galleries

2020 - "Сonversation with the artist"

2020 - art marathon for artists in English.

2020 - Art fever online auction

Curator of education program (soon)



I started teaching in 2012, since 2015 I have been conducting individual courses and trainings.

My total teaching experience is more than 10.000 hours, and the students who have completed my courses are more than 450. I am the author of courses and lectures:

2021 - course for artists "East West" by invitation for the school Art Fanatka

2020 - in the jury of the Higher School of Economics

2020 - the world's first audio course on Creative Thinking "Art of pleasure. 24/7", Shtormit School


2020 - development of materials for individual consultations and portfolio review, Shtormit School


2020 - lecture "How to write a motivation letter and get a grant", Shtormit School

2020 - volunteer section for summer teenager camp  online


2019 - Lecture "Creative Thinking", Center Spirituel et Culturel Orthodoxe Russe, Paris


2019 - online course "Weekend art", Shtormit School


2019 - course for teenagers "Painting UP-Grade. Artists of the Avant-garde", the center of the Avant-garde of the Jewish Museum and the center of Tolerance, Moscow


2019 - webinar "What does art smell like? Olfactory installations", Winzavod, Moscow


2018 -19 - course "Art Saturday", Moscow Multidisciplinary College named after L. B. Krasina


2018-19 - "How to create your own exhibition?", Architectural School MARSH / MARSHroot


2018-19 - "Art of the Weekend", MMOMA Educational Center, AdSchool


2018 - lecture "Creative thinking", Winzavod, Moscow


2018 - educational program "Curators / Artists. Kaliningrad / Moscow", Grant from GOOGLE and Goethe Institut Russland


2018 - intensive "Art Marathon. Reload", Stormit studio, Moscow


2018 - webinars for teenagers "Tikun Olyam in Contemporary Art", 12-13. club, REC


2018 - action "Art-marathon for the lazy", Telegram


2018 - lecture "What does art smell like? Olfactory installations", Limmud Moscow


2018 - intensive "Art Marathon. Reboot. 6 hours", Gnezdo Gallery


2018 - preparation of materials for the lecture "Kinetic Art", Association Exhibition Halls of Moscow


2017 - art intensive for radio broadcasts "5 days of creativity", Cité internationale des arts, Paris


2017 - lecture "Creative thinking", project Knafaim


2017 - Lecture "Creativity and Women in Contemporary Art", RJC Women's League, Moscow


2017 - course for children "Tresh-art", commissioned by the Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection of Moscow


2017-18 - preparation of materials for the course "Cinema Artist", Cinema Museum at VDNKh


2017-18 - "Character. Creative Thinking for Illustrators", MORS School of Illustrators


2017 - lecture "Crisis of the creative age", conference Limmud Moscow


2016-17 - course "Creative thinking. Look and see as an artist", MMOMA MASMAK


2014 - the program "You Know Where You Live", street art and public art for teenagers commissioned by the Association, exhibition halls of Moscow


2012 - lecture "Who is a cinema artist", Association Exhibition Halls of Moscow, gallery "Na Kashirke"

audio interview 

2020 - podcast about contemporary art and the role of the artist in the theater, about Daniil Kharms.


On this page you will find the reviews of my students.


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