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Olfactory and interactive exhibition


From each trip we bring memories. Each city and place cause us personal associations. Faces and sounds are erased from our memory. Scientists have proven that visual memory begins to fade after a few hours, but the "traces" of odors have not diminished over the years. Fragrances are always with us. We remember the smell of fresh bread in Paris, the herring in Amsterdam, the hot wormwood in the Crimea, the smell of fresh sheets and ... these are our real and longest travel notes. Smells, elusive and difficult to accurately describe.


There are no fragrances that would be pleasant or unpleasant in their own right. It is not the smells themselves that are important, but the emotions and sensations that stand behind them. The smell can have an almost magical effect on a person’s emotions. The fragrance, which is associated with positive experiences, can cause a surge of joy, with unpleasant-disgust. The reason for this is that the zone of smell in our head is adjacent to the place where emotions originate.The effect of the awakening of memories through smells received in science the name: "Proust syndrome".



Project le confiture is canned and collected my memories from my travels.

This is an interactive and olfactory project that every viewers can compare with them memories.

All visitors can smell object and check they own accotisiations .

After smelling you can read ingridients list and write down in book of memory their impression and feelings.

Material: Glass pots, wood, mixed materials.

Size: 5х5х7

Smell – tobacco, tooth paste, spices, eucalyptus.



Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. 2019.






Project partner:

Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.

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