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Interactive and olfactory objects.


«Every year in any language there are words that characterize the time. Modern slang or jargon is the language of teenagers. What they think, what they say and what they are interested in - you can easily understand by reading a couple of words. 

I chose, in my opinion, the brightest and funniest, a little rough and not quite literary. Caused them to objects and made a small figure. 

Open and read.  Every word has its own smell.»

Material: Woody boxes, plasticine, acrylic.

Size: 8х12х5 m

Smell – rose, jasmine, tuberose.


ASTRA Lab gallery, Moscow, 2019.

Winzavod, Moscow, 2019.




Project partner:

WINZAVOD contemporary art center, Moscow.

Founded in 2007 by Sofia and Roman Trotsenko, Winzavod is one of the first and biggest private contemporary art centers in Russia. Winzavod supports Russia’s contemporary art by uniting all areas of culture in one space that is open to public and creating a comfortable environment for its development.

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