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Olfactory and interactive installation. 


Since ancient times salt has been valued as one of the most expensive products. Now we don’t pay attention to the price of salt, we use it easily and don’t imagine a meal without this affordable spice. In the past salt could be given as a salary, salt could be a reason for killing, it could be used as a poison and also as an ingredient for magic rituals. Many legends and traditions are associated with salt.


The majority of beliefs tells us: if you grow your own salt crystal, you can get superpower or great luck. I grew up my own magic crystal. The growing process could be observed during the show.

I mixed and cooked the salts myself to get the right color, smell and structure. 3 flavours were presented. In one of laboratory flasks, I grew a crystal for a month.


Material: Laboratory glassware, salt, mica.

Size: 90х120х 40 cm.

Smell – damp, bakery, garden, sandal, soap, medicine.



Winzavod, Moscow, 2019. Moscow.






Project partner:

WINZAVOD contemporary art center, Moscow.

Founded in 2007 by Sofia and Roman Trotsenko, Winzavod is one of the first and biggest private contemporary art centers in Russia. Winzavod supports Russia’s contemporary art by uniting all areas of culture in one space that is open to public and creating a comfortable environment for its development.

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