Pigeon mail


France is a country of Love and Paris certainly deserves to be called a capital of Love.

Love is what we all care about regardless of our age and social status. And despite such a long history of humanity – still, the questions of love make us suffer, feel confused, unhappy and even ill. 

What is love? And what is the difference between love of a man and a woman and maternal love or friendship? What happens when love dies, and if it does ever die, was it a real love then? How many years (days or hours) does the real love live? Generally, does it exist and how to recognize it (if yes)? How to live without it (if no)? Why it can be lost and how to find it? Where to look for it, and how to act when you feel it?


The questions seem very simple and difficult simultaneously. I’d like to make a research of modern perception of love. For that, I ask people from all the world tell me just everything they want – about love.


The name of the project is ‘Pigeon mail’, but no any bird will suffer, I swear. It just reminds me of some old romance, when love letters were being delivered by pigeons (or maybe a pigeon who shit on me few days ago in the center of Paris). The only living creatures participating in our project will be you, me and a postman. Yes, we’ll use the ordinary mail: letters, postcards and parcels. The form of communication and language can be any suitable for particular person, the only condition is that we’ll have to find answers. 


This research will result the exhibition “Love is”, that will hopefully make us a little bit closer to modern perception of love – as a feeling, a process and the greatest engine for live on the planet.

The form of the answer can be any chosen by the respondent. Drawing, collage, music, picture, theater ticket, letter, book, text and so on…

You can send me answers in parts or several answers. 


I welcome everyone to become a participant of this project, no matter how old are you and where are you from. Please send me your answer to the question “what is love” by mail to the address:


18 Rue de l'Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris, France

room 2027



Answers by email or messengers are not accepted!!!!!


Real mails must be delivered to my residence until September 1, please calculate the time or let me know if delivery is delayed for some reason.


All letters will be translated into English. If you want, you can then send me your own translation to moreshtormit@gmail.com


I will compose a card index of your answers.

Each letter will be published on www.shtormit.com and on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/shtormit/?fref=ts) and on web on-line gallery http://kzgallery.com


Deadline till September 1

Exhibition presentation on September 8, 2017



The presentation of the project will take place in real space (studio in Сite, 2027) on September 8. In the same day we present an exhibition in a web space on-line gallerу KZ Gallery (Russia)

( www.kzgallery.com)

The audience will be able to visit two opening at once. In real in the residence in Cite and virtual in gallery.


Please, help me to make this project successful and invite your friends from other countries to participate!


The more answers I get, the closer we’ll all become to the truth of love)