Artistic statement


Lisa: "I'm actually a researcher who is trying to find hidden motives in jokes and phrases, always analyzing and getting to the bottom of serious and far-fetched topics. I don't support the approach where the viewer is just a bystander and the distance between the viewer and art is big. Since 2015 I’ve have been working with the theme of Institutional Critique. My position is expressed through “childish” and direct perspective. I use absurd and irony language, playful forms. I work a lot with interactive installations. Since 2017 i've have been working with the Olfactory art – speculation show. Art without «art». Invisiable art.

My work is aimed to get an understanding of the relationships between the audience and art, the expectations from art and disappointment with it, the interaction of the author and the institution, etc.

My research topics are: consumer status of art, authenticity and originality, bidding and pricing, institutional rules, frameworks and themes, ideology and censorship, the importance of the place of displaying art, the creation of the artist’s personality cult as a mass product. I present my projects in pseudo- scientific (fictional) form and my working process is always documented. I engage with different museums, galleries and non-museum spaces. The “narrator” of my work is often a fictional character, it can be a collector or a critic created by me.


My part-time job as an a creative thinking teacher also helps me to soak the freshness of the kid’s view on the world. This leads me to not taking anything too serious, see the world's funny side  and being open to explore the reality as much as you can. In my art I often want to make viewers interact with an artwork, and oppose the classic museum attitude of «don’t touch, don’t come close». I give the viewer a chance to touch, to smell, to manipulate an artwork and so on."

Participated in more than 100 exhibitions.

21 solo exhibitions, 17 curatorial projects.
Since 2012 member of the Moscow Union of Artists. Lives and works in Paris.