Lisa Shtormit is an artist, curator and researcher. Founder of "Shtormit School".

Lecturer and integrator of interdisciplinary education since 2011.

Author of the courses "Creative thinking. Look and See as an Artist", "The crisis of creative age", "What does art stink like? Olfactory installations", "Painting UP-Grade. Artists of the avant-garde", "Tresh-art", "How to create an exhibition", "Art-marathon", "Weekend art", "Do you know where you live? Street art and public art", "Curators/Artists. Kaliningrad/ Moscow", "Art 24/7 with pleasure" for children, teens and adults. (MMOMA, MACMAK, Winzavod, The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, MARCH School of Architecture, Cité internationale des arts Paris, Centre Spirituel et Culturel Orthodoxe Russe Paris, 

Moscow Exhibition Halls Association, Morse School of Illustrators, Gallery Nest, Integration Museum, Urban Forum, Limmud, etc.)

Work experience more than 10,000 hours. Lectures, webinars, master classes, personal coach sessions on portfolio analysis and cv.

Curator of the State Museum - Cultural Center "Integration" named after N.A. Ostrovsky, Moscow in 2019. Producer of the project "Museum in cube. Daniil Harms Museum".

Lisa Shtormit was born in Moscow, Russia. She got her basic art education at Art School and proceeded her education at Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) graduated project designer of animation films in 2011. Also Lisa continued her education at Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA Moscow) and at the Higher School of Economics, Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and L’École nationale d’art (ENDA Paris).


My part-time job as an a creative thinking teacher also helps me to soak the freshness of the kid’s view on the world. This leads me to not taking anything too serious, see the world's funny side  and being open to explore the reality as much as you can. In my art I often want to make viewers interact with an artwork, and oppose the classic museum attitude of «don’t touch, don’t come close». I give the viewer a chance to touch, to smell, to manipulate an artwork and so on."

Participated in more than 100 exhibitions.

21 solo exhibitions, 17 curatorial projects.
Since 2012 member of the Moscow Union of Artists. Lives and works in Paris.


2019- 2020 L’École nationale d’art (ENDA), Paris

2019 "Scenography as a place of longing" Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg


2018-2019 winner and resident of the project "Open studios" Winzavod, Moscow

2018 School of curatorial studies "Avant-Garde Lab-2" The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow

2018 "Exhibition grammar" Russian Humanities University, Moscow

2017 participant of the program "Field research" of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (faculty Arseniy Zhilyaev), Moscow

2016- 2017 Higher School of Economics, management of social projects + Leadership Trenning "Knafaim", Israel/Russia

2014- 2015 MYNIANIM Leadership Program, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Russia

2014- 2015 ICA, Moscow

2005- 2011 Russian State University of Cinematography, project design of animation films, Moscow

1995- 2005 Art School, Moscow

Selected solo exhibitions:

2019 "La confiture", Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

2017 "Le jeu de la paternite", Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris
2016 "I bet", Molecula Gallery ART Play, Moscow
2016 "Genius of Absurd", State Literature Museum, Moscow
2016 "Museum in Cube", participant of "Night at the Museum", Gallery Na Kashirke, Moscow

2015 "The Essence of Things", design factory FLACON, Moscow

Selected group projects:

2019 The music performance at Theater im Kunstquartier by class directed by Yorgos Sapountzis in collaboration with the Summer Academy Mozarteum by Øyvind Torvund, Salzburg


2018 "Common table", Contemporary Art Center Winzavod, Moscow

2017 "FIG.ure", Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

2015; "Route Crone", Museum of Anna Akhmatova in the Fountain House, St. Petersburg


2015 "Event horizonts", Parallel program of the 6-th Moscow biennale of contemporary art, Sidur Museum, Moscow

2012 "The magic of animation. S. A. Alimov and students", MMAM, Moscow

2013 "Multi-colored dreams. Lullabies of the world", The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Work experience


2019 Goethe Institut Rusland + Google 

2017-2018 Grant from the British Charity Foundation (CAF)  and UJA-Federation of New York to create the exhibition

2016-2017 Grant from the British Charity Foundation (CAF) and UJA-Federation of New York to create the theatre play

2016-2017 Grant from the British Charity Foundation (CAF) and Genesis Philanthropy Group to create the exhibition

2014-2015 Grant from the British Charity Foundation (CAF) and Genesis Philanthropy Group to create the exhibition

2012-2013 Grand from the Russian Union of Artists