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AS - Agency for Creative Growth and Professional Development.

AS is a team of specialists with core competencies in the field of art, marketing and art journalism.


We help Russian-speaking artists to present themselves in Russia and abroad, to find financing and to determine a career development strategy.

Lisa Shtormit

Olfactory artist, curator and teacher. Researcher of invisible art.

Mostly works with installations and interactive objects.

Participated in more than 130 exhibitions. 23 solo projects, 17 curatorial projects.

Exhibited in Paris, Moscow, London. Lives and works in Paris.

​Won 7 grants, graduated from 6 universities, visited 4 artist-in-residences.

Art Agency

We collect, systematise and prepare all your documents according to professional international industry standards. We prepare portfolios and write presentations of your projects for grants, scholarships, artists-in-residencies, internships and exhibitions. We prepare budget estimates and reports.


We will write the concept from scratch, making sure that the competitions, grants and art residencies juries will take notice of you. We work in dialogue, we get involved in projects and artists' work, we listen to and understand everyone.

Art School

The world's first audio art school FAAS. School of Interdisciplinary Education. We teach how to create unusual projects, how to write motivation letters, and how to develop concepts. We have a copyright course for artists. We develop creative thinking and help to get out of the crisis.

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